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Best Artist Blogs on Tumblr

So, I’ve been on a mission to hunt down all cool artist blogs on tumblr. I’m always on the prowl looking for new and emerging artists on here. These are individual artists of all sorts posting their art and inspirations that are worthy of your following. 

I hope to continue to update this list.
p.s. Was it wrong of me to have included myself? oops
p.p.s. I added a few more awesome artists


cute aussie illustrator painting colorful watercolors
surreal paintings of figures and balloons
paintings of beautiful women with collage
paintings of portraits and headshots

colorful marker drawings of retro characters
retro-inspired marker drawings and paintings
cute kittehs and nostalgic illustrations, reminds me of Little Golden books
laser beams and mind explosions
drawings of barbarians and hilarious animated gifs
digital illustrations and sketches
illustrator, portraits of beautiful stylish girls
awesome colored pencil drawings
daily drawings of her outfits and wardrobe
italian artist, gorgeous colored pencil drawings
realist paintings of toys, still-lifes, landscapes
funny caricatures
line drawings and black and white illustrations
british illustrator, painter of heroic icons
design house specializing in silkscreen illustrations
"christian ramirez.picture maker.pretentious bastard.sardonic beast."
gnarly black and white illustrations
"poisoned girl," illustrator from Turkey, blackbirds, hearts, clouds
cool pen & ink drawings with colored pencil. nice hatching
daily sketches and comics
cute comics featuring the artist and her kittehs
very colorful portrait paintings of classical busts and figures
gnarly line drawings/illustrations
oil paintings, drawings, digital drawings, sketchbooking, lots of WIPs
illustrator, re-designs of movie posters
highly detailed ink drawings
illustrator, surreal line drawings
dada inspired mixed media artist
beautiful line illustrations with watercolor washes
surreal wacky marker drawings
"he’s making a comic book"
illustrator extraordinare, mashups, unicorns, rocketbirds
fantasy illustrator
digital paintings
fun illustrations
zany illustrations of wacky characters
"Art School Confidential" MICA art student
mixed media illustrator, caricature-esque figures
aussie artist, quick sketches and line drawings

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